So I decided to learn about farming

Farming & Homesteading Virtual Conference

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The last two days I have been participating in an online web conference about farming. I have enjoyed the presenters and have encourage lots of people to join in. It is the farthest away – geographically speaking –  from a farm that I could get and yet still another way to learn. We live in wonderful times ladies and gentlemen!

Below is the conference’s Agenda.


4:00pm Stacey Murphy, HOST: Backyard Farming for Community Resilience  (attended)

5:30pm Leda Meredith: Wild Food – Herbivores Can Hunt Too  (attended)

7:00pm Janell Kapoor: Using Dirt to Build Community

8:30pm Rob Avis: Your How-to Manual for Passive Solar Greenhouses (attended)


5:30pm Andrew Faust: Designing Your Life with Permaculture

7:00pm Paul Wheaton: Bricks to Build a Better World

8:30pm Meg Paska: A More Natural Beekeeping  (attended)


4:00pm Kevin Egolf: How to Structure a Land Agreement

5:30pm Bee Ayer: Finding an Apprenticeship that’s Right for You

7:00pm Molly Culver: Growing Soil: Soil Science Basics for Organic Growers

8:30pm Brian Rosa: Scaling Up Composting Operations




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