So I decided to learn about farming

The Objective

… to spend time on different kinds of farms… large and small rural farms, smaller urban farms, backyard gardens; east coast, west coast, and central farms. I want to expose myself to as many aspects of farming and gardening that I can. It might be worth noting that at this time I am not very interested in learning about livestock as its application to the urban environment may prove to be difficult.

Maybe after my 6 months leave is over I will apply this new found knowledge to feed my family, feed my friends, a community, and grow really great tasty food!

Maybe I will turn this entire R&D project into a branch of the business that will support a restaurant.  I am very hopeful my endeavours may compliment my husband’s work.

However, if after my 6 month mission is over… if I never plant another seed, then my efforts will not have been in vain, as I will have spent my 6 month in peace.




4 thoughts on “The Objective

  1. I have found my first blogger to follow. Go Penny! Looking forward to reading about your discoveries and experiencing the transcending peace.

  2. I look forward to reading of your adventure. You have already inspired me to try my hand at growing – attempting to keep a few tomato plants this year. I will miss you in the office but following your blog will ease that a little.

  3. What a grand plan and a delightful journey you will have! You are most welcome to join me in my little patch of heaven, with my first season of garlic. Part of the joy of gardening for me is sharing the work and the crop with others. Hope to see you in July!

  4. Looking forward to following this new adventure of yours.

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